Animal reinforcement at persomatch: Mio is coming!
Mios erste Tage im Büro

We have an office dog!

Mio, a Bolonka Zwetna-Shi Tzu Mix has moved into our office. He enriches our working day with his amiable nature.

Elisa Droit, responsible for Online Marketing & Business Development at persomatch, has been given a new family member.

Allow me – Mio, born in May and adorable!

As the little ball of wool should not have to stay at home alone, he can come to the office with Elisa. And here he experiences all kinds of new and exciting and crazy things … and is completely exhausted after a day at work.

From time to time, you will find news about Mio here. We are sure you will soon take him to your heart!

Today he gets to know the boss: Tristan Niewöhner, CEO of persomatch, welcomes the little one.

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