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Effective staff recruitment for your company!

persomatch created a simple tool that helps companies to find employees who meet the companies’ needs. How does this work? With persomatch, job advertisements from companies can be found directly via Google search. Your job advertisement will be placed exactly where your target groups are: On the most used internet search machine, Google. 

Online job portals are too expensive and confusing for you? Classic job advertisements in newspapers do not help you reaching your target audience? We know these problems. With our service you will reach exactly the potential applicants you want to reach – inexpensively and without any wastage

With persomatch you can place job advertisements for all industries and positions and you can choose whether you want to search locally or find your new employees across the whole country.

Thorsten Thorsten

Thorsten Chief Marketing Officer

Rüdiger Rüdiger

Rüdiger Chief Sales Officer

Kira Steinmann Kira Steinmann

Kira Head of Operations & Marketing

Torsten Sales Manager

Mailin Online Marketing

Phinny Phinny

Phuong-Linh Online Marketing

Sandra Schroer Sandra Schroer

Sandra Manager PR

Tristan Niewöhner Tristan Niewöhner

Tristan CEO

Sergen Online Marketing



Armin Online Marketing

Elisa Droit Elisa Droit

Elisa Head of Business Development & Online Marketing

Jasmin Auszubildende

Antje Strohdeicher Antje Strohdeicher

Antje Online Marketing & Design

Josephine Auszubildende

Fiona Härle Fiona Härle

Fiona Online Marketing & Sales

Paul Feel Good Manager

Mio Mio

Mio Feel Good Manager