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Excessively long occupation periods and many open jobs are just some of the signs of the current shortage of skilled workers. This situation involves numerous dangers. On the one hand, there is a risk of overburdening the employees who have to take over the tasks of the unfilled positions. On the other hand, these unfilled positions cause financial damage. According to the EY Mittelstandsbarometer, the damage caused to German SMEs by the fact that orders cannot be accepted due to vacant positions amounts to approximately 49 billion euros annually.

The few applicants that exist are sought by many companies. In this highly competitive market, it is therefore important for companies to ensure that their job advertisements are found by the right applicants without major wastage.

Google is the ideal platform for your job ads. Why?

  • More than 75% of all job seekers use Google for their job search.
  • 84% of all school leavers search for their apprenticeship on Google.
  • Every month in Germany alone, there are more than 70 million search queries on Google about „jobs“.
  • With the introduction of Google for Jobs (May 2019), the focus in the job search sector will be even more on Google.
  • Job ads on Google work for every industry, for every job advertised and for every size of company.

That is why Google is the perfect platform to reach specific applicants in a targeted manner. Therefore your job advertisements should be found exactly here! For this purpose we offer various services:

1. Google Ads:

Job searches today usually start with Google. What makes a successful job ad?

1. The job ad must be findable on Google
2. The job ad must appear on the first Google search results page, as hardly any users look at the second page.
3. The job ad should only be displayed to people who are looking for this job in this location.

We place your job advertisements as a Google ad exactly like this: On the first Google page. This is the place where job seekers will definitely see them!

This happens with an algorithm developed by us. We analysed 25,000 jobs: How do companies title these jobs, and what keywords do job seekers use to search for these jobs? From this we have developed an intelligent and self-learning algorithm. We automatically use between 500 and 900 keywords and combinations per ad.

Our offers:

1. S Package: In this package, search queries within a city are served with your job advertisement. The ad is online for 30, 60 or 90 days. Costs: 490 – 890 – 1190 Euro.

2. M Package: In this package, search queries from a region, which covers 50 km around the place of action, are served with the job advertisement. The ad is online for 30, 60 or 90 days. Costs: 790 – 1890 – 1390 Euro.

3. L Package: In this package, search queries with a radius of more than 50 km are served with the job advertisement. Here, too, the ad is online for 30, 60 or 90 days. Costs: 1190 – 2190 – 2890 Euro.

2. Google for Jobs:

With the new service (live in Germany since May 2019), Google wants to bring job seekers and companies together more quickly. Instead of searching for suitable job offers on various company pages or in job exchanges as usual, the job search via Google is now sufficient: Based on the job title entered, all relevant job offers are clearly displayed in a box highlighted in blue on the first search results page. For this, Google uses the data of job advertisements that are already available in digital form, for example on the websites of internet job boards or on the company’s own career pages.

Google for Jobs is not a job exchange in the classic sense. There is no possibility to book your job advertisement there and thus secure a place in the Google for Jobs box. It is rather a new way of searching for jobs online, an extended Google search. For Google to find your job ad and list it on Google for Jobs, it must meet certain technical criteria.

Our offer:

We create a landing page for your job advertisement. This is prepared for the best possible placement in the Google for Jobs box and is online for 30 days. Costs: 89 Euro.