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The podcast by Gero Hesse (saatkorn.), this time with persomatch

We are very happy that persomatch could be part of the podcast of Gero Hesse at saatkorn.! Listen now – and win one of 5 books!

Every week, the podcast of saatkorn., the Employer Branding Blog of Gero Hesse, interviews interesting interlocutors around the topics Employer Branding, Recruiting, HR Startups and New Work. We received this honor today. Tristan Niewöhner and Thorsten Piening answered Gero Hesse’s questions:

  • How do we – automated via an algorithm – bring job ads to Google?
  • What is the difference between Google Ads, Google for Jobs and the organic Google search results? And how do we serve the different areas? And how do we serve the different areas?
  • How did persomatch actually come about? We reveal that it was almost romantic :-).
  • Why is the automation with the algorithm developed by persomatch so unrivaled? What are the problems with the manual creation of job ads?
  • Why is Google the measure of all things in the field of mobile recruiting – especially for apprenticeships and commercial jobs?
  • How do we ensure that changes in the Google algorithm are integrated directly into our system?
  • Why are job ads on Google especially interesting for SMEs?
  • And much more!

Here you can listen to the podcast – and you will learn how you can win one of five books by Thorsten Piening “Suchmaschinenmarketing in der Personalakquise” (Search engine marketing in personnel acquisition)! 

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