Recruiting Community Festival 2020 in Cologne
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Recruiting Community Festival on 06. & 07. May 2020 in Cologne

We’re here as speakers, aaaand… there is also a ticket raffle!

Recession is on the way Robots are taking over our jobs. Digitalization. Shortage of skilled labor. And unfortunately HR does not have a say on the board …

That is one way of looking at things

But there are other ways to look at it:

SOAK UP THE SUN – think positive, care about developing solutions and not about identifying problems! Sure, this way it is a little more demanding. But exciting, dynamic and varied. And our guild as a recruiting community with the topics of employer branding, personnel marketing & recruiting is gaining massively in importance. That pleases us. And that’s why the Recruiting Community Festival 2020 (short: #RC20 Festival) starts under the motto SOAK UP THE SUN.










With the motto “SOAK UP THE SUN” the event, which is well established in the HR scene, will take place next year in Cologne. As always there will be fantastic speakers who will delight and inspire with their lectures on the topics Employer Branding, Personalmarketing & Recruiting . 

Some speakers have already been confirmed, including us! As a startup partner and expert for Google job ads, we will certainly be able to convince many listeners again on how useful it is to place online job ads as Google Ad!

You can find more information here!

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