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Online Focus Conference by B2B Insider: Presentations by and for HR experts

As part of the Online Focus Conference we held a webinar on Google for Jobs

On Thursday (7.11.) we held a webinar on the topic “Google for Jobs” at the Online Focus Conference, which is organized by B2B Insider since 2018. The webinar included information about the background, the functioning, technology and consequences for recruiting arising from Google for Jobs. After the webinar the participants knew how to use search engine marketing efficiently in personnel acquisition – and that is our mission! The webinar was attended by numerous interested parties whose knowledge of Google for Jobs ranged from “I’ve never heard of it” to “How does it work with the Indexing API” – so we had a very mixed group! Click here to learn more about the content of this conference. 

Under B2B Insider numerous knowledge and internet platforms are operated and marketed The Online Focus Conferences deal with how the major challenges of HR work can be mastered in the coming years. They offer participants future topics and problem solutions. The speakers are available for a whole week to answer questions on a variety of topics.  Some conferences will take place again in 2020. 

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