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From scholarship holder to sponsor

persomatch sponsors a student from the OWL (East Westphalia-Lippe) universities

A”As a growing startup company we would like to give something back and are therefore committed as a sponsor,” says Tristan Niewöhner, managing director of persomatch GmbH, based in Bielefeld.

This commitment was worth a report in the Lokalzeit of the WDR (regional TV channel)! The contribution was shown on August 18th, and both the Studienfonds and we are very satisfied with the film! You can still see the film in the media library until August 25, 2020. 


Niewöhner himself and two other of his employees were supported by the Studienfonds OWL during their studies and were very grateful for this experience. In addition to a monthly financial support, the scholarships awarded by the Studienfonds OWL offer an extensive non-material support program, which includes contacts with companies in OWL, workshops, internships, mentoring, the placement of project theses and final papers, and much more.

Persomatch is pursuing several goals with the funding. On the one hand, the managing director from Gütersloh feels very close to the OWL region. After studying at the University of Paderborn (supplemented by periods in the USA and Beijing),, he founded two startups and worked as a startup coach. After he sold his company shares, he founded his current, very successful, company persomatch  in Bielefeld in 2017. The universities, the large companies, the “hidden champions” and an entrepreneurial creativity that brings many modern and innovative start-up companies to life characterize the region with its inhabitants. According to Niewöhner, this must definitely be strengthened. In addition, the entrepreneur also wants to inspire and show students what is possible: from a creative student with a great idea to the managing director of a startup company – from scholarship holder to sponsor! Niewöhner is looking forward to a lively exchange with the students.

The grant money is doubled with the help of federal funds. With this, the Federal Government wants to contribute to the development of a scholarship culture Niewöhner’s appeal: “Especially as a start-up it is important to set an example and inspire others to join in as well. Our goal is to strengthen the region together!

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