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DIGITAL RECRUITING Podcast live from #RC Lab

The Live Talk about DIGITAL RECRUITING from the #RC Lab in early March is now online!

On March 5th the HR event “DIGITAL RECRUITING – between handmade and highly automated” took place in the Cologne Design Offices. 

Organized by TERRITORY Embrace, this exciting topic was discussed together with Marius Luther from HeyJobs, Philipp Aschmann from Aldi Nord and us, represented by persomatch CEO Tristan Niewöhner . The event was moderated by Ana Fernandez-Mühl. Unfortunately, Judith Gördes from Bertelsmann was ill, so the podcast round was very male-oriented. But that was definitely not the intention!

The final discussion with Marius Luther, Philipp Aschmann, Tristan Niewöhner and Gero Hesse (CEO of TERRITORY Embrace) is now available as a “live” podcast on the exciting topic of DIGITAL RECRUITING, recorded live with 50 guests directly before the Corona Quarantine. Among other things, we have discussed questions such as

– What is Digital Recruiting?
– What is Recruitment Marketing?
– How do job ads work on Google?
– How does Aldi Nord operate in the field of digital recruiting?
– Where are the boundaries between automation and hand-picked processes?

Here you can listen to the podcast!

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