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BVMW: Expert lecture by persomatch at the “Expert Talk”

On 19.02. we will be guests at the „Expert Talk“ of the BVMW in Sendenhorst. Free registration is still possible!

Der BVMW – Bundesverband mittelständische Wirtschaft (Federal Association of Medium-Sized Enterprises) – is the voice of small and medium-sized businesses  and represents the interests of 900,000 entrepreneurial voices within the framework of the SME Alliance.

In order to bring medium-sized companies up to date in important business management areas, the association organizes   regular expert talks.

On February 19, another expert talk will take place, this time in Sendenhorst.

Thorsten Piening, co-founder and partner of persomatch and expert for the use of search engine marketing in personnel acquisition, will speak on the topic: “How Google disruptively changes the job market”. In his lecture he will explain the principles of search engine marketing in recruiting and show on the basis of practical examples how to win new employees on the Internet and how to use search engine marketing effectively for personnel acquisition.

The event starts at 18 o’clock. Participation is free and registrations are still possible!

Further information as well as the possibility for the registration you can find here!

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