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Webinar am 30. April

Belonio HR Expert Conference on April 30: Recruiting in Corona Times

This is how recruiting works today: In the meHRwert conference of Belonio, top-class guests will be present as experts for you Among others Tristan Niewöhner, persomatch CEO

Belonio, the expert for professional esteem, has been offering a platform for 2 years with its meHRwert webinars, where HR experts from a wide range of industries have their say. 

Today’s meHRwert conference will focus on the effects of the Corona crisis. 

               – Falk Lampe Traupe, Director HR Marketing Sales, Territory Embrace GmbH
               – Daniel Laiminger, Managing Director, Hokify GmbH
               – Torben Söller, Head of Sales & Key Account Management, Belonio GmbH
               – persomatch CEO Tristan Niewöhner was present.

Thomas Pry,   managing Director Belonio GmbH, will lead through the conference. 

The outbreak of the Corona crisis is also changing recruiting fundamentally.
               46 % of the companies register fewer to much fewer applications 
               ⅔ of the companies want to digitalize the recruiting
But there are also opportunities, as 44% of potential applicants use the Internet significantly more often and social media is experiencing an absolute boom.

This leads to the following questions: 
               How does Corona influence employer branding?
               How can I find and recruit employees via social media?
               How can I find and recruit employees via Google?
               How can I give employees more net salary and save on personnel costs? 

Here you can see the conference in full length with all expert answers!

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