Das kommt aus Bielefeld | persomatch in the podcast

“Das kommt aus Bielefeld” Bielefeld PODCAST #7

In advance of the employer branding workshop of “Das kommt aus Bielefeld.de” we were interviewed for a podcast.

In the first “Employer Branding Werkstatt” – a workshop organised by the Bielefelder Wirtschaftsförderung (WEGE mbH), an economic development agency, under the umbrella of the campaign “That comes from Bielefeld” – questions such as 

                                       How do I create an employer brand?
                                       What does my company stand for?
                                       How do I create a corporate culture that motivates and binds?

were discussed. 

You can listen to our interview here.

“That comes from Bielefeld” is the central campaign of the Wirtschaftsentwicklungsgesellschaft Bielefeld, WEGE mbH. The aim is to make the economic success visible that comes from Bielefeld.


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